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Quality Flooring Design in Orlando, FL

Quality flooring is essential when you’re planning on a home renovation. It’s one of the first elements of a home that guests will notice and beautifully accents every other design element in your home. Remodel Surplus offers a large selection of flooring design options in Orlando, FL, that can work with your tastes and your budget. Whether you’re looking for hardwood to warm up your living room or tile to adorn your kitchen floors, we can deliver on flooring you’ll love. As Orlando’s trusted supplier of floor coverings, we have access to a huge variety of flooring options. Plus, with factory-direct savings, we’re happy to help you pick the right choices for your needs and budget.

Tile, Hardwood, and Vinyl Floor Options

The type of flooring you’ll need for your home renovation depends on what rooms you plan to remodel. For kitchens and bathrooms, we suggest using vinyl, hardwood, or tile. These easy-to-maintain options offer stain and scratch resistance and many varieties of this type of flooring are antimicrobial.

Bedroom and Living Room Flooring

No matter the size of your flooring renovation or your home, we can help you select a flooring solution that is durable, attractive, and affordable with factory-direct savings. We also offer expert home design services to give you a better idea of what the final results will look like. Contact us today for more information about our products and showroom hours.

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

Kitchens and bathrooms are by far the most renovated rooms by homeowners today. Using the right flooring for these rooms not only adds value to your home remodel, but can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. For kitchen and bathrooms, we often suggest hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring options.

Hardwood comes in two styles (solid and engineered) and can add structure and style to your floors while remaining durable for a lifetime if properly cared for. Tile flooring is suitable for almost any room in your home and can be installed with or without grout. This type of tile also tends to offer warmer colors and a smoother feel over porcelain tiles. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice due to its availability in almost any shade or style and because it is durable and affordable. No matter the type of flooring you choose for your kitchen or bathroom, we’ll ensure you get the best possible price. Call us today or visit our showroom in Orlando, FL.

Our Manufacturers

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